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SEMrush Management Reporting and Collaboration Test Answers 2024

This course will teach you how to manage your projects, facilitate your team processes, and organize reporting with SEMrush tools. After completing the course, you will have sufficient knowledge to take and pass the accompanying test and carry on studying the SEMrush SEO toolkit.

Course Plan

Lesson 1. Everyday Check in
The SEMrush SEO Dashboard helps you get the insights you need to expertly manage your campaigns. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to best use it to optimize your websites for the best campaign results.

Lesson 2. Reporting and Presale
Marketing reports are the scorecard for your SEO efforts. Learn how to create them, modify them, and interpret them to meet your goals with SEMrush.

Lesson 3. Collaboration and Task Management
This lesson shows you how to lead your team to project success by using the SEMrush Marketing Calendar. You’ll see just how easy it is to use and how collaborating has never been easier.

Management, Reporting, and Collaboration Course – SEMrush Academy

Management, Reporting, and Collaboration Test – SEMrush Academy

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Certification Questions & Certification Answers

It is possible to link your campaigns in the Marketing Calendar to your real campaigns in Google Analytics by using UTM tags. True or false?

  1. FALSE
  2. TRUE

Correct Answer:

  • TRUE

fill in the blanks ___subscribers can only have ___marketing calendar(s); ___subscribers can create unlimited calendars and also share the calendar in___ mode. This means that anyone can view the calendar through access to an external link, with or without an SEMrush account.

  1. Guru, 1, Business, read-only
  2. Guru, 2, Business, read-only
  3. Pro, 2, Guru, edit
  4. Guru, 1, Business, edit

Correct Answer:

  • Guru, 1, Business, read-only

What subscription allows you to produce a White Label Report where all mentions of SEMrush are avoided, even in the email address from which the report is sent?

  1. Guru
  2. Pro
  3. Business

Correct Answer:

  • Business

Connecting GA with SEO dashboard we get traffic data based on:

  1. Only organic traffic data
  2. All the traffic data (referral, direct, organic, all devices and locations)
  3. Only direct and organic traffic data

Correct Answer:

  • All the traffic data (referral, direct, organic, all devices and locations)

fill in the blank. By connecting My Reports with Google ___, among other widgets, you can get New vs Returning Visitors, Top Traffic Channels and Top Page Views.

  1. Analytics
  2. My Business
  3. Shopping
  4. Search Console

Correct Answer:

  • Analytics

Guru and business subscribers can add their logo into the reports. True or false?

  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE

Correct Answer:

  • TRUE

There are many widgets on the SEO dashboard, with many data sources. From which of the various sources can information be found in widgets? Choose 3 answers.

  1. SEMrush Organic Research
  2. Google Ads
  3. Google Analytics
  4. SEMrush Advertising Research
  5. SEMrush Traffic Analytics

Correct Answer:

  • SEMrush Organic Research
  • Google Analytics
  • SEMrush Traffic Analytics

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