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SEMrush Local SEO Exam Answers 2024

Local SEO Course Contents

Lesson 1. What is Local SEO
Get introduced to local SEO and how Google uses a local algorithm to determine which businesses get the best page placement.

Lesson 2. Local Ranking Factors
Greg teaches you how to rank well for Google local SEO by using Google’s local algorithm and its main signals to your advantage.

Lesson 3. Links
Relevant local links positively affect how you rank for local SEO. find out here what exactly Google is looking for and how you can build links that work.

Lesson 4. Content
These local SEO tips will show you how to write local SEO content that draws traffic. You’ll also learn how to manage your important NAP information.

Lesson 5. Citations
Local SEO citations can dramatically improve your local search visibility. You’ll learn how to deal with mentions of your business’s NAP on other sites. No local business SEO tutorial is complete without this information.

Lesson 6. Reviews
Greg explores how local business SEO is impacted by both positive and negative reviews, and what you can do to positively influence your reviews.

Lesson 7. Google My Business
Your Google My Business profile is literally your new home page that you need to take advantage of. Learn how to optimize your profile for success.

Lesson 8. Google Posts and Q&A
Google Posts and Questions and Answers are two powerful tools you can use for local search SEO. Greg shows you how to use them in a powerful way to bring in new traffic.

Lesson 9. Other Signals
Here are some lesser-known local SEO ranking factors that can help you in a BIG way. Learn how to use behavioral signals, personalization, and social signals to your advantage.

Lesson 10. Reporting
Getting positive local SEO results is the name of the game. Greg explains reporting and how to share and interpret those results with your client or manager.

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Certification Questions & Certification Answers

You’re Allowed To Ask And Answer Your Own Questions In The GMB Questions And Answers Section.

  • False
  • True

Correct Answer:

  • True

If You’re Using The Standard “What’s New?” Template, Google Posts Stay Live For

  1. One month
  2. 7 days
  3. Forever
  4. 24 hours

Correct Answer:

  • 7 days

Your Google My Business Listing Is

  1. Only important if you’re a service-area business
  2. Not as important as it used to be
  3. Not needed if you have a website
  4. Basically your new home page

Correct Answer:

  • Basically your new home page

You Should Reply To

  1. Only negative reviews
  2. Every single review
  3. Only positive reviews
  4. Only a few positive and a few negative

Correct Answer:

  • Every single review

The Link Building Tool Allows You To Discover Whether An Acquired Backlink Was Indexed By Google. True Or False?

  1. False
  2. True

Correct Answer:

  • True

The Ideal Review Score Is:

  1. 4.5 to 4.8
  2. A perfect 5.0
  3. 4.2 to 4.5
  4. 4.8 to 5.0

Correct Answer:

  • 4.2 to 4.5

For Local SEO, Citations Are

  1. A foundational signal
  2. The most powerful ranking signal
  3. Links that point to your business

Correct Answer:

  • A foundational signal

The Most Important Content Tip From Greg Is:

  1. Read your content out loud.
  2. Keep it short and sweet.
  3. Make sure it’s not a duplicate.
  4. Include the cities you service.

Correct Answer:

  • Read your content out loud.

Name The Solid Local Link Building Strategy:

  1. Event sponsorships
  2. Local meetups
  3. All of the listed
  4. Local bloggers
  5. Neighborhood watch sites

Correct Answer:

  • All of the listed

There’s No Difference In Ranking Factors Between Traditional And Local SEO, The Only Thing Different Is The Signal Weights.

  1. True
  2. False

Correct Answer:

  • False

How Do You Know If You Need Local SEO?

  1. When you Google important keywords, the map pack is displayed.
  2. You have an online shop, and want to partner with the local storehouse.
  3. You often search for “pizza delivery” from your office.

Correct Answer:

  • When you Google important keywords, the map pack is displayed.

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