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SEMrush Backlink Management Exam Answers 2024

Lesson 1. Backlink management basics
In this lesson, Greg instructs on the basics of SEO backlinks and why SEO and backlinks are one of the cornerstones of online success. You’ll learn about backlink management and link building, and find out why they’re an important piece of the SEO puzzle.

Lesson 2. Types of links
Learn about the different types of backlinks in SEO and which of them deserve your attention as you create content that excels.

Lesson 3. Link research
Greg shows you how to do effective backlink research and why it’s key to backlink management. finding high-quality backlinks is your goal. In this lesson, you will find the tools that can help you with this.

Lesson 4. Competitive analysis
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to find competitors’ backlinks, how to do SEO backlink analysis on them, and how to use that information to develop your own SEO backlink strategy.

Lesson 5. Penalty recovery
In this backlinks SEO tutorial, you’ll find out how to stay clear of trouble with Google and what to do if you accidentally get penalized.

Lesson 6. Link building strategies
Learn how to structure a well-designed SEO backlink strategy as Greg takes you through tactics that work for SEO professionals.

Lesson 7. Link building campaign
You need to have an organized link building campaign to get the quality backlinks you’re looking for. Learn here how to structure your campaign for success.

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Certification Questions & Certification Answers

Which SEMrush Tool Will Help You find Unlinked Mentions Of Your Site?

  1. Brand Monitoring
  2. Backlink Audit
  3. Backlink Gap

Correct Answer:

  • Brand Monitoring

One Of Your Customers Shared A Link To Your Site On Their Facebook. What Type Of Link Would It Be?

  1. Follow link
  2. Nofollow link
  3. Widget embed

Correct Answer:

  • Nofollow link

When Doing Link Research, When Should You Look For The Contact Information For Each Opportunity?

  1. At the end of your campaign when you’re ready to do outreach
  2. Once you’ve decided to go after that particular link
  3. While you’re doing the research, so it saves time/effort later

Correct Answer:

  • While you’re doing the research, so it saves time/effort later

Sponsorships Are A Link Building Tactic That You Should Avoid, Because You’re Basically Just Buying A Link

  1. FALSE
  2. TRUE

Correct Answer:


When Using Unlinked Mentions To Build Links, You’re Looking For:

  1. Forums where people are complaining about your business
  2. Directory sites that list your business
  3. Other websites who mention your business but don’t link to you
  4. Mentions of your brand on social media

Correct Answer:

  • Other websites who mention your business but don’t link to you

If You’re Hit With An Algorithmic Link Penalty, You’ll Receive A Message In Google Search Console.

  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE

Correct Answer:


The SEMrush Toolset Uses A Link Authority Metric Called …

  1. Domain Authority
  2. Trust Score
  3. Trust flow

Correct Answer:

  • Trust Score

Which SEMrush Tool Helps You find Backlink Prospects And Even Send Your Outreach Emails Right From Inside The Tool?

  1. Backlink Analytics
  2. Link Building Tool
  3. Backlink Gap

Correct Answer:

  • Link Building Tool

What Is The Best Type Of Link?

  1. Links from press releases
  2. Internal links with strong anchor text
  3. Social media links pointing to your site
  4. Links you buy
  5. Links you earn because you’re awesome

Correct Answer:

  • Links you earn because you’re awesome

How Does Google Discover Pages And Links?

  1. robots.txt tells it what to do
  2. Spiders crawl pages and follow links
  3. Quality Raters check things manually

Correct Answer:

  • Spiders crawl pages and follow links

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