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How to Develop a Competitive Research Workflow using Semrush’s SEO Toolkit Exam Answers 2024

Course Structure

Introduction to Competitive Research with Semrush
In this introductory lesson, you’ll gain insight into the Semrush platform as a whole, with emphasis on the six tools you’ll learn about throughout the course. You’ll uncover why competitive research is vital to your business’s success, and how you can elevate your digital marketing game.

Domain Overview
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to get instant insights into how your website fares against the biggest players in your target market. You’ll uncover information like Authority Score, backlinks, organic keywords, traffic share, and more.

Organic Research Tool
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to analyze the SEO practices of any competitor. You’ll also discover how to get a full view of any website’s organic keyword rankings, spot fluctuations in their rankings, discover opportunities to attract more organic traffic, and compete against your biggest rivals online.

Keyword Gap Tool
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to find unique keyword opportunities to outrank your rivals. More specifically, you’ll master the Keyword Gap tool.

Backlink Gap Tool
In this lesson, you’ll discover how to find winning, high-quality backlink prospects by learning from your competitors. By using the Backlink Gap tool, you can easily spot missing opportunities and develop a successful strategy for outreach.

Market Explorer
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to supercharge your competitive research within any industry or niche using the Market Explorer tool.

Traffic Analytics
In this lesson, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of where a website’s mobile and desktop traffic comes from, and how its visitors interact on that website. You’ll also learn how you can double-down on very specific characteristics of your competitors’ audience.

How to Develop a Competitive Research Workflow using Semrush’s SEO Toolkit
Learn how to analyze your competitors’ online presence, find keyword and backlink opportunities, and develop a competitive research workflow. This course walks you through six Semrush tools that can shed light on your competitors’ online strategies.

Certification Questions & Certification Answers

What does the Top Keywords widget in the Market Explorer tool allow you to do?

  1. Check the keywords your website captures search positions for, but the competition does not
  2. View the most influential keywords driving organic traffic within your analyzed market
  3. Explore the performance and impact of paid keywords in your industry
  4. Identify the keywords that generate the highest revenue for your competitors

What is the purpose of the Position Changes report in the Organic Research tool?

  1. To generate reports on your website’s overall performance and traffic metrics
  2. To analyze the changes in your competitors’ keyword positions and assess their competitiveness
  3. To discover trending keywords in your industry and optimize your content accordingly
  4. To track and monitor your own keyword positions over time

What kind of competitive progress can you analyze in the Growth Report of the Domain Overview tool? Check all that apply.

  1. The changes in the estimated organic traffic from Google over time
  2. The changes in the number of backlinks and referring domains
  3. The growth or decline in the number of competitors’ social media followers
  4. The changes in the estimated paid traffic from Google

What kind of data can you get with the help of Domain Overview? Choose all that apply.

  1. The comparison report demonstrating the analyzed domain’s organic and paid performance in Google in up to 5 chosen countries
  2. The competitive comparison report highlighting the best performers in terms of Authority Score, organic and paid traffic from Google, and number of backlinks
  3. The list of keywords a competing domain ranked for in Google organic search with position changes
  4. The estimated organic and paid traffic a competitive domain got from Google

What kind of data can you uncover with the help of the Top Pages report in Traffic Analytics? Choose all that apply.

  1. Fast-growing and declining competitor pages in terms of overall traffic
  2. Engagement metrics for each listed page such as unique pageviews, avg. page visit duration, and other
  3. Pages having the highest Authority Scores
  4. Newly detected competing pages with no entrances detected by Traffic Analytics in the previous month or period

What’s true about Market Explorer? Choose all that apply.

  1. It shows traffic channels each market player attracts their audience from.
  2. It provides a matrix displaying the overall competitive landscape within your market in terms of traffic vs traffic growth.
  3. It visualizes the traffic journey—from which sources the audience comes to competing websites and where they go next.
  4. It gives you the top keywords driving organic traffic to domains within your analyzed market.

When using the Backlink Gap tool, what does the “Best” category refer to in the filtering?

  1. Referring domains sending links to you, as well as to the entered competitors
  2. Referring domains sending links to your entered competitors, but not to you
  3. Referring domains with the highest Authority Scores
  4. Referring domains sending links to you, but not to your entered competitors

When using the Keyword Gap tool, what does the “Missing” category refer to in the Top Opportunities module?

  1. Keywords your entered competitors rank for in Google, but your website does not
  2. Keywords for which your website ranks lower in Google than any of the other entered competitors
  3. Keywords that are difficult to rank for
  4. Keywords that have a low search volume

Which Semrush tool gives you the list of keywords a competitive domain ranked for in Google organic search during the chosen month and displays changes in the positioning?

  1. Keyword Gap
  2. Traffic Analytics
  3. Domain Overview
  4. Organic Research

Which category in the Growth Quadrant of the Market Explorer tool includes domains that have a high volume of traffic and continue to grow at a sharp rate compared to the market average?

  1. Established Players
  2. Game Changers
  3. Niche Players
  4. Leaders

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