Aliyah is the marketer for Arctic Sales Company. She’s the project lead for a new smartphone app that will help customers order products more easily. Thanks to Google’s advice, their dev team has incorporated many features to boost conversion numbers. Before going live, the team would like to see just how effective the personalization features are. Which Google service allows them to test the app’s UI and features?

  1. SplitMetrics
  2. firebase A/B Testing
  3. Optimize 360
  4. Web Vitals

Correct Answer:

  • firebase A/B Testing

The Google service that allows Aliyah and her team to test the app’s UI and features is Firebase A/B Testing.

Firebase A/B Testing is a feature of Firebase, a suite of tools that help developers build and grow mobile apps. It allows developers to test different versions of their app’s UI and features to see which one performs better.

To test the effectiveness of the personalization features on Arctic Sales Company’s app, Aliyah can use Firebase A/B Testing to create an A/B test. In an A/B test, two versions of the app are shown to different users, and the results are compared to see which version performs better.

For example, Aliyah could create an A/B test to compare two different versions of the app’s homepage. In one version, the homepage could be personalized to the user’s location, while in the other version, the homepage could be the same for all users. Firebase A/B Testing would then track which version of the homepage resulted in more conversions, such as sign-ups or purchases.

Firebase A/B Testing is a powerful tool that can help developers improve their app’s performance. It is easy to use and can be integrated with other Google products, such as Google Analytics.

The other options are not as suitable for testing the effectiveness of app features.

  • SplitMetrics is a third-party A/B testing tool that is not integrated with Firebase.
  • Optimize 360 is a web testing and personalization platform that is not specifically designed for mobile apps.
  • Web Vitals is a set of metrics that measure the performance of a web page. It is not designed for testing mobile apps.

So, the best Google service to test the effectiveness of the personalization features on Arctic Sales Company’s app is Firebase A/B Testing.





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